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Do you sell supplements?

I have a handful of my favorites on hand at my clinic at 15% off retail price.
I also have a virtual dispensary. You get 10% off retail price, but if you don't spend $50 then you have to pay $5 shipping. So in some cases the 10% off isn't worth it. There are over 350 different supplements, and if I give you a specific recommendation it will be waiting for you in your cart. You can then choose if you want one, all, or none of them. All it takes for you to see this is your name and email address.
I have been getting my supplements from here since chiropractic school. Their quality control protocol is strict. If there's a gold leaf by the product that means it's went through the highest testing. Silver leaf is the next tier, and no leaf still means it's great quality, but they didn't pay for the extra testing.
You can go outside my recommendations, and buy whatever you'd like as well.
Click the link below or the tiny picture above to view the dispensary.

Supplements: FAQ
Supplements: HTML Embed
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