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Image by Chantal Garnier

Juice Plus +

It's time to bridge the gap between what we SHOULD eat and what we DO eat! Juice Plus is a concentrated blend made up of 30 different fruits, veggies, and berries. Since it is not an isolated vitamin or mineral your body recognizes it better, making it more bioavailable for every cell in your body, including eyes, teeth, lungs, heart, etc.
This company is the most researched compared to competitors, with over 40 clinical studies at well reputable universities, such as Yale, Georgetown, Vanderbilt, and many more. It is in 25 countries, with the most recent being Mexico. 
The best part? Kids 4-18 can get free products up to 4 years! This is the reason I started, and why I ultimately became a distributor. My kids were finally "eating" their veggies without complaining.

Juice Plus+: Image
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